Garnbrunnen-Set für den Innenbereich

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Technical Tank for Indoor Waterfalls - Engineered in Germany


Maximize the elegance and functionality of your indoor waterfall with our premium Technical Tank. Designed to enhance the beauty of your space without compromising on performance, this separate tank system allows for seamless integration and maintenance.

Key Benefits:

- Slim Installation: The bottom tank of your indoor waterfall remains slim and unobtrusive as it is embedded in the floor without the need for internal pumps or filters.
- Easy Maintenance: With all water treatment components housed in the Technical Tank, access and upkeep are straightforward and quick. Essential elements such as the pump, valves, dirt filters, water additive canister, swimming valve, and leak sensors are efficiently organized.
- Noise-Free Experience: Positioned discreetly one level below or behind the indoor waterfall, the Technical Tank operates silently, ensuring no pump noise or water splashing sounds disturb your tranquil environment.


- Material: 2mm stainless steel for durability and longevity.
- Manufacturing: All parts are laser-cut, bent, and welded in Germany to ensure premium quality.
- Testing: Each tank undergoes a rigorous water leak test followed by sealing of the welding seams with high-quality sealant for maximum integrity.
- Features: Includes precision drillings and cutouts for security overflow, emptying valve, backflow, water additive hose, refilling hose, and power supply. Easy mounting at the back wall is facilitated for user convenience.

Additional Features:

Included Accessories:

Comes with a console for the swimming valve, a high-quality mechanical swimming valve, a stainless steel cover, and PVC tank connectors for security overflow and backflow.

Dimensions & Installation:

- Designed to fit discreetly below or behind your indoor waterfall, dimensions are tailored for easy integration without requiring significant space.

Enhance your indoor waterfall with our Technical Tank, where functionality meets aesthetic perfection, made to the highest standards of German engineering.